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  1. here it is not the dick that grabs our attention but rather your great collection of books and your half-clenched fists. i would call those sort-of-fists, and not your dick, the punctum of this image, unfortunately. 

    Browsing Craigslist recently I came upon the "Casual Encounters" section - surely you're familiar. I wasn't blown away so much by the shamelessness with which men put their dicks online so much as by the following:

    A) The bravado, a certain sense of triumph? Fearlessness? Irreverance? 

    B) The amount of men who used a television remote control as THE measuring stick next to which they show us their dicks (ditto cans & bottles)

    C) The horrific angles, lighting, clutter in the background

    D) The sparse but sometimes telling glimpse into these mens' lives evident (in some cases) from the shit surrounding their dicks, i.e., the environment. I know we're only supposed to be looking at the dick here - the main event, the movie star, the show stopper - but in looking at photographs we, of course, take in the entire mise en scene! We register images as a whole. in sum, just-the-dick does not a photo make.

    E) In a way I felt that these men were not using photography to their benefit and for a second I considered contacting them and asking them if they'd like to consider a dick reshoot? Of course I know their interests had little to do with 'presentation' but why not try a bit harder? Why not drape your dick in silk? Why not place it on its own pillow? Why not shoot it with a beauty dish? Put some mirrors around it; shit, make 8 dicks (see: Jason Fulford, Lucas Blalock, Erwin Blumenfeld).